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A Complete Inventory Line of NEC and IFC Compliant Stickers, Labels and Signage

High Quality Solar PV Labels & Signage

As a leader in solar maintenance and cleaning here in Arizona, the expansion and investment into PV labels and signage was a natural evolution of our company. In order to provide a more compliant, effective and affordable service to our solar clients throughout Arizona, AZ Solar Care had invested in the manufacturing and distribution of solar labels, stickers and custom signage. Enjoy easy ordering and a comprehensive selection of any warning label, safety sign, sticker or decal display that you could possibly need in order to ensure your projects and sites are 100% compliant. Call us today or submit a quote request online and we’ll personally help you put together your order.

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Solar PV Labels & Signage Made to Order For All Applications

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AZ Solar Care Maintenance Services

Panel Cleanings

Cleaning a solar array is more than just running water over the panels or hoping that the rain will do the job. Bird droppings, dust, and baked on pollen needs to be scrubbed off. AZ Solar Care uses a safe, non-abrasive cleaning tool to remove these deposits.

Wildlife Prevention

Your solar array provides birds with a perfect shade cover to nest under and we all know that bird droppings pose as a potential health hazard. We have noticed a significant decrease in production in systems that have birds nesting under them. The more birds, the more bird droppings.

Paint Removal

Every year many homeowners have their homes painted. Often they forget to notify their painting company that they have solar panels on the roof. Unfortunately, this leads to a layer of overspray across your panels. This overspray needs to be carefully removed without the use of any chemicals. Chemicals will damage the UV coating as well as the gasket between the PV cells and the frame!

Solar Inspections

Our inspection services will provide you with reliable, comprehensive advice and detailed reports to help with a home purchase. We go through each system meticulously looking over every inch of it. Our detailed reports state the overall condition of the system, production, and what repairs (if necessary) need to be made.

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Solar Maintenance Services In Arizona

What factors are causing your PV System to be under utilized and how can you prevent this loss from happening?

Every day of the year solar panels are exposed to the elements. Arizona has very unique weather, especially during the summer, when we experience major dust storms and harsh rains during the monsoon season.

Photovoltaic Systems (PV) work best when the solar panel is exposed to as much uninterrupted sun light as possible!

Normal environmental elements such as dust, dirt, shade, bird droppings, and baked on pollen can wreak havoc on your solar panels and their production of solar energy.

Experts agree that without regular cleanings, your PV system could not perform at optimal levels and its estimated a loss of approximately 30% of production. You can increase your PV systems efficiency by having your panels cleaned on a regular basis. You purchased the system to harness the most powerful renewable energy source in the universe, let’s not waste another watt of that FREE energy.

Let the professionals at AZ Solar Care help protect your investment; check out our services.

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What Our Customers Say

Over the last year, we have seen a decrease in our production. I noticed that our panels were filthy. After some research, and a recommendation from our install company, we called AZ Solar Care. Their technician, Mike, was knowledgeable and helpful. We saw an increase immediately in our production. We have them out every 3 months, and it is well worth it. Thank you AZ Solar Care.

Bill M. (Glendale, AZ)

Your company recently serviced my solar electric system by, not only cleaning the panels very thoroughly, checking all connections and wiring along with the DC/AC converter, but went out of the way to also clean my solar water glass panel, at no extra charge.

Not only is your service excellent, but priced fairly as well.

Tom D. (Scottsdale, AZ)

We had our house painted 6 months ago. I had contacted AZ Solar Care just for a cleaning, and their technician found that out painter did not cover the panels and they all had a layer of overspray. AZ Solar Care went above and beyond to remove the paint and get our system back to its best performance. I have them out every quarter now.

Sarah H. (Queen Creek, AZ)

Why people choose us

Our Technicians

Our Technicians are professionally trained on PV installs and are safety compliant. They are polite and friendly, arrive on time, and will respect your property as if it were their own. The knowledge they have in PV systems and PV maintenance is why they are a part of the AZ Solar Care team.

Our Equipment

We use a safe non abrasive, non toxic cleaning solution that will not damage your panels UV coating or gasket. We utilize a 2 stage filter system to remove the minerals from your water to eliminate the hard water deposits, leaving your panels crystal clear!

Customer satisfaction in our #1 goal

We will make sure the job is done right the first time, every time! And you can have the peace of mind knowing we are insured and trained to handle any situation.

Valley Wide Service Since 2009

AZ Solar Care has been providing solar panel maintenance since 2009 here in the valley. We provide Commercial and Residential services state wide. We are OSHA certified and well equipped to handle all your service needs.

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